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trent is a platform that gives you freedom and flexibility to expand your style and personality. trent aims to re-educate our way of consuming fashion, by giving voice to niche brands and consuming better and higher quality products.  Our circular model based on monthly subscriptions allows you to play and experiment with your look and vibe from here to there.

The first step to becoming a trent’s member and accessing our catalog is to subscribe to one of our monthly plans. Once subscribed, you can choose your first 3 garments and you will receive them in less than 48h. Choose 3 items every month to enjoy, experiment and play with them. You can also repeat any of the garments you want for the next months (you don’t necessarily need to pick 3 new items every month) and if you fall in love with a garment, you can also buy it. 7 days before the pickup / delivery date (you can check it on the profile page) you will need to confirm the garments for next month.

At the end of every 30 days period you will have 7 days to choose the 3 garments that you want to wear next month (we will notify you). You can also repeat items that you already have in your possession or that you wore some months ago. In order to choose the garments, you need to go to the “membership” section on the product page and click on the “add” button. All the products you add will appear on the “next month box” section on your profile page. 

Important: remember to confirm your “next month box” to make sure that the garments are reserved for you. If you don’t confirm it, other people may reserve the same item(s) and they will no longer be available until their 30 days period is over.

The first delivery will be after 48h since you confirm your first selection of 3 garments (you will need to confirm them from “my box” section on the profile page).  From that moment, every 30 days you will return your old box and receive a new one with the pieces you've chosen.  If you're based in Spain, the pickup and the delivery will be on the same address and at the same moment (swap old box for the new one). However, if you're based outside Spain (any other European country), you'll need to drop off the old box on the nearest pick-up point and glue to the box the sticker you had received with the box (we'll send you an email with a link that will help you track the nearest point). And we will ship the new box to your address.  You can check the date on the “this month box” section on the profile page. And both, the courier and us, will remind you about the pickup and delivery date. 

If the date doesn’t work for you, you can send us an email to “” or a Whatsapp to +34 640 006 756 with a minimum of 3 days in advance and we will arrange a new date.

You can enjoy your garments for 30 days from the day you receive them. When this period is over, you can either decide to change them for 3 new garments or combine new items and keep some of the old ones for 30 days more. All combinations are possible as long as you have a maximum of 3 items at the same time.

You can find the return date of your order on “this month box” in your profile section. We will also send you a reminder before that date arrives and the courier will notify you as well (2 times if necessary). After all these warnings, if we do not find you at the pick-up address or if you are late in returning the garments via a pick-up point, you can either keep your old garments for 30 days more or pay the extra shipping costs and schedule another pickup / delivery date (if that happens you should send us an email to “” or a Whatsapp to +34 649 006 756).

All the garments you will find in our catalog are for sale. But as we want to encourage conscious and sustainable behavior, you will only be able to buy those garments that you have previously rented. In order to buy a garment / accessory, simply go to the catalog, choose the garment and select the purchase option. Remember that if you have not previously rented it, the system will deny your request.  In case the garment(s) in question are in your possession, you will be able to purchase them directly from the profile page.

We recommend you to take a look at our size chart (which you will find attached to each product page) when selecting your garments. This will help you choose the size that fits you best.  In case any of the garments you have chosen do not fit you, you can request a change of size or product. You will only need to pay for the extra shipping costs (pick up + delivery = 15€ approx.).

The charge will be made at the moment you subscribe to trent. You will then be charged that same day of the month while you are subscribed.

Changing your personal information is very simple. If you want to change your shipping address, email, password, etc. you have to go to the “about me” section on the profile page. You can change all your personal information you need from there.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via email at or via Whatsapp to +34 649 006 756.

At the moment of paying the subscription, you will be able to choose to pay a monthly guarantee (5€ extra per item) that will cover you in case of damage.  If you don’t choose the guarantee option and an item is damaged then you will need to pay for it (and it will be yours). Please note that stains and small damages such as breaking a zipper or a button will always be covered by us even if you don’t choose to pay the guarantee. Regardless of whether you choose the guarantee or not, we will ask you to please treat all the garments as if they were yours and with the same love with which they have been crafted, as there are other people with the same desire to wear them.

No, all the garments you receive will always be clean and disinfected. We don’t recommend you to clean them as they are very delicate pieces and there’s a risk of damage. However if, for any reason you decide to clean a garment, you must do it following the instructions that you will find on every product page.