Shopping bag

How it works.

01. Subscribe to one of our plans.
Select the items you would like to rent.
Confirm the selection of items from your profile page.
You will receive them completely clean and disinfected on 24/48h from the confirmation day.

02. Once you receive the pieces, you will have 30 days to enjoy, play and experiment with them.
Please treat every single item with love and respect.

03. 1 week before your 30 days period is over, you will be able to choose the items you want for next month (check the “next month box” section on your profile page).
Remember that you must always confirm the selection of items in order to process your next order.

04. When the pickup date comes:
Drop off the items back in the box you received, you will exchange it for the new one.
We’ll pick up your box at the address you decide to.
As we want to assure a perfect service, a delay would lead to a penalty. Delays can have a knock on effect on
other customers.

05. All the pieces in trent are for sale. However, if you want to buy any garments, you will need to rent them before.